November 17, 2004
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What have I learned during my absence?

—It's not uncommon to fall asleep to Jet's "Cold Hearted Bitch," then to wake up to it, because that's how much it's played.
—If you're using Internet Explorer, make the switch to Firefox.
—My count of posts greenlit by Fark: 2
—My count of dead pool right guesses: 1
—No matter how much stuff you can't find in the BG Newsroom, you can always find napkins.
—The Homestar Runner DVD was definitely worth the wait.
—The price of NCAA Football 2005 for Gamecube: $49.99
—The price of Madden 2005 for Gamecube: $49.99
—The price of NCAA Football 2004 for Gamecube: $14.99
—The price of Madden 2004 for Gamecube: $14.99
—The only differences between the two: Miami and Virginia Tech are in the Big East. Adrian Peterson is non-existant. Tim Couch wears a Browns jersey. The Buccaneers are good.
—Scott Peterson ain't right.
—I need to re-design my blog.

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