November 30, 2004
« Where'd everyone go? »

Good thing I haven't done anything in a while, because everyone up and quit their jobs today:
--Butch Davis resigned as Browns' head coach.
--Tyrone Willingham will not come back next year as head coach of Notre Dame.
--Tom Ridge resigned as Homeland Security Secretary.
--Ken Jennings finally lost in "Jeopardy" — to Nancy Zerg — a dame, of all people.
--Tom Brokaw's final show as anchor of "NBC Nightly News" is tomorrow.
--John Lyons, coach of Dartmouth football, was fired (I know nobody cares, but it counts.)
--If anyone watched "Office Space" today, Michael Bolton and Samir Nagheenanajar were canned. Mmmkay? Thanks Peter.
--People are calling for Kofi Annan to resign as Secretary General of the U. N.

At least I have a "job." Which reminds me — I better get back to it.

November 20, 2004
« You just got Piston'd! »

Ugly brawl broke out at the Pacers-Pistons game (no, not a hockey game).

But this captured my attention as one of the most ironic displays in bad timing.

Someone noticed the electric boards at the time of the fight:

November 17, 2004
« Obligatory "sorry I haven't written in a while" post »

What have I learned during my absence?

—It's not uncommon to fall asleep to Jet's "Cold Hearted Bitch," then to wake up to it, because that's how much it's played.
—If you're using Internet Explorer, make the switch to Firefox.
—My count of posts greenlit by Fark: 2
—My count of dead pool right guesses: 1
—No matter how much stuff you can't find in the BG Newsroom, you can always find napkins.
—The Homestar Runner DVD was definitely worth the wait.
—The price of NCAA Football 2005 for Gamecube: $49.99
—The price of Madden 2005 for Gamecube: $49.99
—The price of NCAA Football 2004 for Gamecube: $14.99
—The price of Madden 2004 for Gamecube: $14.99
—The only differences between the two: Miami and Virginia Tech are in the Big East. Adrian Peterson is non-existant. Tim Couch wears a Browns jersey. The Buccaneers are good.
—Scott Peterson ain't right.
—I need to re-design my blog.

November 08, 2004
« Didn't they see this was boring last year? », a tremendous no-frills site about college football, has weekly bowl projections. This week they project Bowling Green to play in the Motor City Bowl against ... Northwestern?

Can we play someone else?

Last year BG played NU and beat them 28-24.

They're very generous in projecting four MAC teams to play in bowl games. They see NIU running the table and playing in the GMAC Bowl, unofficialy the best bowl in which a MAC team can play. They also predict that since the Pac-10 will not have enough teams to fill their bowls, Marshall could take a trip out west and play in the inaugural Emerald Bowl (formerly the San Francisco Bowl). The weird one, the Houston Bowl, may be Miami playing Troy. The criteria is usually the worst bowl eligible teams between the Big XII and the SEC, but it could shape up to be MAC vs. Sun Belt?

All MAC teams do is win bowl games. If they make these games competitive, maybe some at-large teams could earn these spots when weak conferences can't pick up the slack.

Right now the MAC has 4 bowl eligible teams (NIU, BG, Toledo, Miami) with Akron and Marshall one win away from joining them.

Let's hope that those 4-5 big-conference teams don't win another game. (Specificially, Oregon State, Washington State, Stanford, Kansas State, Missouri). And maybe some of those 5-4 teams will fall flat on their faces and win no more games.

Right now the MAC has 4 bowl eligible teams (NIU, BG, Toledo, Miami) with Akron and Marshall one win away from joining them.

November 04, 2004
« Four more Dubyears »

If John Kerry won, people would be cheerin' and hollerin' and going all willy-nilly on campus.

Since John Kerry didn't win, the Bush supporters have been very passive and controlled.

So what happens when someone who's angry about the outcome reads the sentence, "HELL YEAH, BUSH IS RE-ELECTED! WOOOOHOOOOOO!"

Think abouts it.

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