October 15, 2004
« No real winner in D-Backs manager interview list »

Arizona's still looking for their next manager. It doesn't look like any real talent will emerge.

Al Pedrique, the team's interim manager after Bob Brenly was fired, will probably get the job, even though he went 22-61 with a terribly injured team.

Bob Melvin (fired by the Mariners after this season) might have a good chance too.

Mark Grace was a candidate. That would be a P.R.'s dream to market the team with Gracie at the helm, but I don't know if he has any managerial qualities.

The rest of the list is just a few base, bench and minor-league coaches: Mets first base coach DeMarlo Hale, Montreal third base coach Manny Acta; D-Backs class A coach Wally Backman, bench coaches Jamie Quirk and Joe Maddon.

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