October 19, 2004
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The website drunkfalcons.com, a site I had never heard of until it was featured on WTOL tonight, is just a large photo gallery of people in BGSU who get blitzed at parties.

The story says that the website promotes drinking. The website says it's not promoting drinking.

One of you is wrong. I'm gonna side with WTOL on this one.

When your website puts up pictures of shit-faced students, you're promoting drinking. You're glorifying it. You're not hanging their pics in effigy. You're telling the partiers "this is a good time to remember."

I think we're forgetting that binge drinking is a ridiculous habit. When the webmaster of drunkfalcons.com comes out and becomes a huge pussy about the situation (oh, we don't promote binge drinking, we just show clips), nothing will ever get done. Be true to your mission statement! Say getting hammered is awesome! "Party hard, but be responsible?" What is that? It's an answer on the fence that tries to appease partying students and the Wellness Connection.

Don't take the website down, though. I understand the potential liability for mentioning BGSU and incorporating their fight song in the site. That's kind of funny actually. But the site must remain up, as a monument to everything that is asinine about college life.

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